“ politics .. domain of mediocre people ”

The world of “ politics ” is basically of the instinctive level. It belongs to the law of the jungle .. “ might is right ”.

And, the people who get interested in politics are the most mediocre. Politics needs no other qualifications except one .. that is, a deep feeling of inferiority. “ Politics ” means : “ Will-to- Power ”.

Man is continuously trying in every possible way to be somebody higher, special, and superior .. but this is all “

POLITICS ”. Only the mediocre people are interested. The intelligent people have something more important to do !

SOCRATES tried to establish that right should be decided by intelligence. That’s what finally created the whole ‘ evolution of science ’.

SOCRATES should be known as the father of all science, because in science it is not a question of : “ You are powerful, that’s why you are right ”.

“ truth .. right is might ”

India has been enslaved for two thousand years for many reasons, but one of the reasons and the most fundamental reason is that all India’s intelligent people turned their back on politics of the lowest, the third level, the instinctive level.

All intelligent people were, simply not interested in politics or power. Their whole interest was to decide “ What is true ? ”, “ What is the meaning of life ? ”, “ Why are we here ? ”.

At the time of Gautam Buddha, perhaps around the whole world, consciousness rose to its highest peak.

In China .. CONFUCIUS, LAO TZU, MENCIUS, CHUANG TZU, LIEH TZU .. these were the people, contemporaries.


In Greece .. SOCRATES, PLATO, ARISTOTLE, PLOTINUS, HERACLITUS, PYTHAGORAS .. they touched the very peak of intelligence.

All over the world, suddenly, it was as if a tidal wave of intelligence had emerged !

Only idiots remained fighting ; all the intelligent people were deep into finding ways how to decide what is right and what is wrong.

“ satyam eva jayate ”

The famous dictum in Indian history of philosophy is : “ Satyameva jayate ” .. “ Truth alone wins ”, no matter who is defeated. It is not arising out of an inferiority complex but it is coming out of a really superior intelligence.

There is no fight at all at the the highest level - the first level - the intuitive level. The politician on the lower instinct level is just a wild animal. He does not believe in anything except being victorious. ‘ Whatever ’ means are needed to be victorious, he will use. The end justifies all his means, however ugly they are.

When intuition starts functioning, there is no fight at all !

BUDDHA never went to anybody to conquer them ! MAHAVIRA never went to anybody to conquer them ! LAO TZU never went to anybody to conquer them !

“ people of intuition .. guide lights ”

So, on the intuitive level, there is no politics at all ! In a better world, the people of intuition will be the guide lights for those who can at least understand them intellectually.

And the intellectual politicians .. the second level professors of politics, the intelligentsia, theoreticians .. they will be the guide for the instinctive politicians. Only this way can the world be at ease, live at ease.

“ light comes from the highest level ”

The light should come from the highest level. It will have to be passed through the second category .. because, only then, may the third category be able to catch hold of something of it ; the second category will function as a bridge. That’s how it was in ancient India .. it happened once.

The really intuitive people lived in the forests or in the mountains, and the intellectuals, the professors, the pandits, the scholars, the prime ministers, came to them with their problems, because, they said, “ We are blind .. you have eyes ”.

It happened to Buddha. He was holding his camp by the side of a river, and there were armies on both sides. There were two kingdoms and the river was the boundary, and they had been fighting for generations over which kingdom the river belonged to, because the water was valuable. And they had not been able to decide .. so many times they had made the river red with blood and the fight had continued.

Buddha had his camp there and the generals of both the armies came to him. Just by chance, at the same time they entered his camp and saw each other. They were shocked at this strange coincidence, but now there was no way to go back.

The insight should come from the intuitive person. But the insight can be only understood by the intelligent, and the intelligent can help the politician of instinct, for whom the only desire is power.

- Material Excerpted from Spiritual India March-April 2009