- Maharshi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi’s Programme to Reconstruct the World, inner and outer, was first outlined in the year 1988, in Maharishi’s Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth.

Maharishi’s call to the governments of the world and his offer of a practical formula for every government to come in alliance with Nature’s Government, to gain the support of Nature’s Government, and gain the ability to nourish everyone and satisfy everyone is so unique and unprecedented in the thousands of years of struggling history of governments that probably the political leadership of the world, working under stress and strain, could not believe that the support of Nature could be gained in a systematic, scientific manner by all.

Having realized that it is possible to free governments from problems and develop in them the ability to prevent problems, Maharishi decided to establish a Global Government of Natural Law with its seat in every country.

In the year 1976, Maharishi inaugurated the World Government of the Age of the Enlightenment. Maharishi’s Global Administration through Natural Law .. Global Ram Raj .. celebrated on 12th January 1993, and the establishment of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace on 7th October 2000, brought fulfilment to the concept of Maharishi’s World Government of the Age of Enlightenment.

Maharishi formally established the organizational structure of “ Maharishi’s Global Administration through Natural Law ” on Guru Pûrnimâ Day, 30th July 1996. The words Maharishi spoke on this day are his invitation to all governments for all times

The founding of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace unites peoples of all nations with a common desire for peace. It extends beyond national boundaries, beyond continental boundaries, linking small and large territories. It unites individuals of all nationalities, cultures, and creeds .. all the peace - loving people and peace loving nations of the world .. in a global initiative .. in a global task .. in a peaceful global unity.

The relationship of the government of every country with Maharishi’s Global Government of Natural Law will be so elevating and nourishing to every government in the world that every Head of State will enjoy the full support of Natural Law, and his government will enjoy the ability to prevent problems and will substantiate the new definition of government.

Maharishi’s practical programme is to quietly establish life according to Natural Law without requiring change in any area of the existing administration, which is based on the national constitution of the country.

The total potential of Natural Law conducts the activity of those who have identified their intelligence with the infinite organizing power of pure intelligence at the level of self-referral consciousness.

Every responsible politician in any country should now turn to the royal road of Administration through Natural Law (which is already quietly administering the activity of all systems and structures of the body), and this will mean that the national government will quietly receive the full support of Natural Law, and positivity and harmony will prevail in national consciousness.

There will be conflict-free politics and a problem-free government. National energy will not be wasted in oppositions of political parties, and all the national intelligence will be used for progress.

It is satisfying that with the blossoming of this golden age of Sat-Yuga, the world is witnessing the signs of a new awakening in every field in the direction of fulfillment.

Now is the time for the world to witness the full glory of life according to Natural Law .. to experience the full dignity of life in peace, prosperity, and happiness, with enlightenment and fulfillment in daily life.

- Material Excerpted from Spiritual India March-April 2009