- Torkom Saraydarian

As the consciousness of the human being expands and starts intuitively to come in contact with the law of higher and higher nuclei, it understands THE ONE LAW better and deeper and lives a more harmonious life with that Law.

To the degree that the human nucleus understands that Law, to that degree he formulates that Law and tries to use that Law in his environment, in his society.

The greatest evil emerges in breaking the Law. Politicians break the Law. Educators break the Law. Philosophers and thinkers break the Law. Artists break the Law. Scientists break the Law. Religious people break the Law. Economists break the Law.

The result of breaking the Law emerges as crime, murder, wars exploitation, manipulation, moral degeneration, and death.

In the future, schools will be formed to research the ultimate Law and how human beings break that Law .. where, how, and why. This will be the beginning of the salvation of humanity. Legislative bodies in the world must be composed of highly intuitive and spiritually sensitive people who create contact with that ONE LAW and try in group formation to interpret that Law.

Because of our bodies and their level and interest, because of our mind, because of our karma, we the nucleus identified with the bodies and their interest, have lost contact with our Self. This is where our life goes wrong.

Meditation, concentration, contemplation, and sacrificial service are those means by which we establish contact with our essence.

All forms eventually have to synchronize with the law of their essence. All nuclei eventually will synthesize their life with all nuclei in CREATION. This is the PATH that leads us to liberation, to joy, to freedom, to bliss.

“ law of karma ”

The Law of Karma supervises the process of changing the purpose to the plane, and the plane to actualization.

All those Forces, Entities, Great Beings who are laboring to translate the purpose to the plan and to put the plan into actualization are supervised by the Karmic Law.

The Karmic Law acts as a supervisor and puts things in order.

“ will of the unknown power ”

The Galactic Will, in creating its purpose, is subject to the guidance of those Lives who present the purpose of a still greater Entity to our Galactic Life to coordinate Its purpose accordingly.

Thus, in all the network of the natural laws, circulates THE ONE LAW OF BEING , behind which stands the WILL OF THE UNKNOWN POWER.

All progress, from an atom to Greater Entities and Lives in Space, depends on their response to THE ONE LAW.

The response to the law on any level allows progress, rhythm, harmony, cooperation, happiness, joy, and bliss. Reactions to the law create pain, suffering, unhappiness, and disorder and call on the LAW OF KARMA to readjust the situation to allow the form or lives to respond to the law.

“ process of sowing and reaping ”

Every moment in a man’s life is a process of sowing and reaping ; but because he is an individual as well as a COSMIC SELF, he sows individually and collectively and reaps individually and collectively. All that he is physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and socially is what he wanted to be .. consciously or unconsciously.

But the Law of Righteousness is so accurate that his collective karma and individual karma never violate each other. They are like a tapestry in which the individual threads and the overall design are in complete harmony.

“ law of righteousness ”

It is through the Law of Righteousness that the man advances on the path of perfection through spiritual merit. He owns what he becomes. His whole future is the result of his individual effort made for himself and for society.

“ scientific meditation .. a must ”

Meditation starts when you are awake and conscious all the time that you are engaged in doing any work and labor.

If you act, speak, and think consciously, you are on that path of meditation. Most of the time we are absent in our actions, talks and thoughts. Our machine idles and we sleep on the back seat.

Before one starts scientific meditation, he must learn how to do observation. After observation comes concentrated focus. In this state you are awake in all that you do and in all that people around you say or do. Most people have open eyes and ears, but some of the time they neither see nor hear.

Meditation leads millions of people into light, and millions in the future will be led into light.

- Material Excerpted from Spiritual India March-April 2009